WW III: Asian Front

WW III: Asian Front
Name WW III: Asian Front
Author Ian Slater
Description At Manzhouli, near the border of China, Siberia, and Mongolia, the Chinese launch their charge into the woods. There is the roar of fire--and from the other side, the eruption of the SAS/D's Heckler & Koch 9mm parabellums firing at over eight hundred rounds a minute, the crash of grenades, and the terrible whistling of flechettes. Suddenly the sky is aglow with phospherous flares like shooting stars, as the ChiComs' four 120-pound Soviet-type Aphid missiles streak toward the B-52 at 2,800 meters per second. It's all-out war....
Publisher Not Available
Language en-US
Rating 3.52
ISBN 0449148548
Total Pages 338
Published Year 1993
Published Month 5
Published Day 7
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