WW III: Arctic Front

WW III: Arctic Front
Name WW III: Arctic Front
Author Ian Slater
Description The American tanks smashed through the snow blockades in the terrible minus-seventy-degree Arctic battle. But they were outnumbered by troops of the Siberian Republic by five to one. In this, the worst winter in twenty years, blizzards wreaked havoc with U.S. air cover, and the smart money was on the Siberians. Their forebears had destroyed the Wehrmacht at Stalingrad. Now they would do the same to the Americans--unless the colorful and highly unorthodox U.S. General Feeman could devise a spectacular breakout....
Publisher Fawcett
Language eng
Rating 3.54
ISBN 0449147568
Total Pages 342
Published Year 1992
Published Month 22
Published Day 3
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