Women by Women: Female Erotic Photography

Women by Women: Female Erotic Photography
Name Women by Women: Female Erotic Photography
Author Peter Delius
Description Devoted to nude and erotic photography by women photographers, this new exciting book illustrates the emotional force and sensual beauty of the female body as seen through the feminine lens. This gorgeous book features the works of some of today's most important female photographers--including Bettina Rheims, Cindy Sherman, Annie Leibovitz, Nan Goldin, Sylvia Plachy, Sally Mann, and Ellen von Unwerth. More than one hundred images explore themes such as introversion and extroversion, the private and the public. The book examines the distinctly female aspects of erotic photography, and what emerges is a profoundly sympathetic relationship between viewer and subject. And, as a number of these women artists have worked as models themselves, their perspective on this role adds yet another layer to this powerful volume. Strikingly beautiful and elegant, this provocative collection is a lovely introduction to an increasingly important genre.
Publisher Prestel Publishing
Language eng
Rating 4.23
ISBN 379132862X
Total Pages 123
Published Year 2003
Published Month 1
Published Day 5
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