Whispers From a Troubled Heart

Whispers From a Troubled Heart
Name Whispers From a Troubled Heart
Author Rique Johnson
Description New from the author of Love & Justice comes the continuing story of Virginia City's detective Jason Jerrard, who must track down a ruthless murderer while he pieces together the remains of his own shattered heart.

In the second book of Rique Johnson's series featuring Jason Jerrard, Virginia City's finest detective is faced with finding a murderer lurking in the streets of his own city -- a ruthless killer who takes the lives of his victims by brutal beatings.
While Jason is dealing with his own turbulent emotions following the loss of his beloved Sasha, Jason encounters two women, the wife of a political figure and a woman from his past -- Monique, the first love of his life who has reappeared -- who unbeknownst to each other vie for his love and affection.
Meanwhile, the precinct is trying to solve the mysterious cases of lonely men who have fallen prey to brutal beatings and are left for dead. With Jason's close personal friend being the only surviving victim, Virginia City's finest sets out to avenge his friend's attack. Jason finds he must face the killer in a showdown that seethes with enough love, mystery, betrayal, and suspense to captivate readers until the final page.
Masterfully plotted and artfully rendered, Whispers From a Troubled Heart combines the action of a thriller with the deeply felt emotions of a love story. Once again the unstoppable Detective Jerrard is able to capture his killer -- and the heart of the woman he loves.
Rage, resentment, revenge and resilience cross paths in the novel Whispers From a Troubled Heart.
Publisher Strebor Books
Language Not Available
Rating 4.88
ISBN 159309020X
Total Pages 288
Published Year 2004
Published Month 3
Published Day 8
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