What Ever Happened 2 My King

What Ever Happened 2 My King
Name What Ever Happened 2 My King
Author Lakishia N. Smith
Description Growing up in the Westport Projects of Baltimore, Maryland, Ieesha has seen the gritty side of the lives of those hustling drugs and trying to survive. She has seen the lives of family, friends and boyfriends taken away by violence and crime. In WHATEVER HAPPENED 2 MY KING, readers are taken on an up close and personal journey into a world where trying to live could mean death as they are shown the life of a young girl who desperately wants to find love; unfortunately, she searches for it in the wrong places. From the disorderly relationship with her first love LA, Ieesha 's world was nothing less then a roller coaster ride, that is until the day she runs into a hustler from up state King Divine, the man of every girls dreams; unfortunately at the time she wasn t ready for a King. The unthinkable happens and King bails without a word and that 's when Ieesha would forever long for his love. What Ever Happened 2 My King is an urban novel that 's not afraid to get right in the reader 's face with the reality of people living on the edge, about a woman 's quest to find true love and a better life. It explores levels of human experience that go beyond the grit, the violence, greed and ruthlessness of the streets. What makes the story unique is the way that it reaches deep into the heart of Ieesha McFadden, a young woman who 's thrown into a lifestyle and an environment that chews up the weak and spits them out!!
Publisher Divine Techniques Publishing
Language Not Available
Rating 5.0
ISBN 1598720163
Total Pages 296
Published Year 2011
Published Month 15
Published Day 8
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