Up and at 'em with Winnie & Ernst

Up and at
Name Up and at 'em with Winnie & Ernst
Author Gina Freschet
Description Winnie the possum and Ernst the otter are back with four new antic tales. In the first, an excursion to Backwater Beach is complicated by the contents of a piggy bank. Then Winnie gets a telescope and must ad-lib, as the viewing for her friends is disrupted by cloud cover. When Winnie and Ernst baby-sit for Mrs. H. Penny, they aren't prepared for her eggs to hatch. And finally, what better diversion for a February than to organize a poetry contest - but who knew what chaos such an event could cause?
Winnie & Ernst, the first book about this charming duo, was compared to the great works of James Marshall, Arnold Lobel, and Beatrix Potter. Children ready for a step up from early Beginning Readers will find plenty more to enjoy in these new stories.
Publisher Farrar Straus Giroux
Language Not Available
Rating 3.44
ISBN 0374384460
Total Pages 47
Published Year 2005
Published Month 1
Published Day 3
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