Unnatural Justice (Oz Blackstone, #7)

Unnatural Justice (Oz Blackstone, #7)
Name Unnatural Justice (Oz Blackstone, #7)
Author Quintin Jardine
Description Oz Blackstone is enjoying the success of his latest smash hit movie. He's moving into a big country house near Loch Lomond with his gorgeous wife Susie Gantry and together they have the lifestyle of everyone's dreams. But when blackmailers threaten Oz's father with a particularly sleazy scam, the dream begins to turn into a nightmare. Oz gets paint thrown at him during the premiere of his movie and then an incendiary bomb is sent to his wife's offices. Some very nasty people will resort to murder to get what they want, but Oz has never ducked out of confrontation. As he prepares to fight back he knows he's being sucked into a vortex of evil...
Publisher Headline
Language eng
Rating 4.09
ISBN 0747265453
Total Pages 320
Published Year 2004
Published Month 5
Published Day 7
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