Name Unconditional
Author A.C. Arthur
Description Abigail Swanson is living out her lifelong dream of building her own design company when she begins to re-think her goals and aspirations. Her sister's nuptials and recent childbirth experience spring to life emotions and desires that she never realized where hidden deep inside her. As she tries to come to terms with what can only be described as her 'biological clock ticking' a routine physical alters her life forever. Dr. mason Penney is running from his past trying to make important decisions about his future when he finds himself dangerously close to falling in love. Running home to the safety of family proves to be an eye-opening experience for him as he unexpectedly finds the answers to questions that have plagued him for some time. As Abigail fights a deadly disease she discovers something totally unexpected, almost unbelievable and absolutely unconditional.
Publisher Genesis Press
Language Not Available
Rating 4.3
ISBN 158571142X
Total Pages 299
Published Year 2005
Published Month 3
Published Day 5
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