Trouble in the Barkers' Class

Trouble in the Barkers
Name Trouble in the Barkers' Class
Author Tomie dePaola
Description Moffie and Morgie are excited. A new girl is joining their class. But Carole Ann is a bully, pushing Moffie and grabbing Morgieís dinosaur book, and thatís only the beginning. Then Morgie goes looking for dinosaur eggs on a Saturday morning and finds Carole Ann crying. He discovers why she is so unhappy, and at school, Morgie introduces his new friend. Carole Ann tells everyone how sorry she is for being so nasty. Now everyone has a friend, and school is fun again!
Publisher Puffin Books
Language Not Available
Rating 3.64
ISBN 014240585X
Total Pages 32
Published Year 2006
Published Month 22
Published Day 6
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