The Words of Desmond Tutu (Newmarket Words Of...)

The Words of Desmond Tutu (Newmarket Words Of...)
Name The Words of Desmond Tutu (Newmarket Words Of...)
Author Naomi Tutu
Description To coincide with the first authorized biography of the Nobel Peace Prize-winner, over 100 inspiring and thought-provoking selections from Tutu's speeches and writings in a newly updated hardcover edition.

When he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984, Desmond Tutu joined Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mother Teresa as one of the great inspirational leaders of our age.

Chosen and introduced by his daughter Naomi, the over 100 selections from Tutu's speeches, sermons and writings collected here explore a wide range of topics: faith and social responsibility, nuclear disarmament, the Church's role in resisting oppression, family, the Third World and women in the Church.

Also included is an updated chronology of Tutu's life, illuminating his tireless work on behalf of blacks under apartheid and the full text of the Archbishop's acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize. 10 b/w photos.
Publisher William Morrow
Language eng
Rating 4.04
ISBN 1557047197
Total Pages 112
Published Year 2006
Published Month 30
Published Day 6
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