The Wisdom of Papa Will

The Wisdom of Papa Will
Name The Wisdom of Papa Will
Author Waddy Wells
Description The spiritual succor found in The Wisdom of Papa Will is gently woven into intimate stories told through the authentic experience of a young black boy and his affectionate relationship with his grandfather, Papa Will, his mentor, who believes that strength can be born of adversity. As he guides him through his "rite of passage," transformation from boyhood into manhood, he teaches wisdom, nobility of character and reliance upon the Still Small Voice within. The stories emerge out of a small black Texas community in the 30's and 40's, revealing a portrait of black people not generally found in the scholastic history books. This portrait is painted through the eyes of a young black boy who expresses the warm earthiness, raw humor and zest for life found naturally in black people. It is also a portrait of survival through oppression for this was the time prior to the civil rights era when the lives of black people were shadowed by the unspeakable abuse of racial discrimination. There were no laws to protect black citizens and they were cast into a life of poverty and enforced ignorance unless they found the key to personal power, the love from the Presence of God within. The stories found in The Wisdom of Papa Will weave the magic of brotherhood and fill hearts with peace and inner confidence. Waddy Wells is a licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of California. Professionally, he works with troubled teenaged boys and their families.
Publisher Pleasant Word
Language Not Available
Rating 0.0
ISBN 1579216250
Total Pages 232
Published Year 2003
Published Month 23
Published Day 7
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