The Wedding Raffle (The Wedding, #1)

The Wedding Raffle (The Wedding, #1)
Name The Wedding Raffle (The Wedding, #1)
Author Geralyn Dawson
Description GERALYN DAWSON brings to glorious life the proud, passionate days of the Republic of Texas in a breathtakingly romantic tale of an independent widow and one hard, handsome Texan who tangle, tussle, and tumble into love.

With her family in danger, Honor Duvall needs the bravest man in Texas to help her save them. True, the thrice-widowed beauty's elaborate plan to lure him to her remote ranch is a little unethical, but she'll make it up to him. Or so she thinks.

Captain Luke Prescott, a renowned ex-Texas Ranger and bona fide hero, can't help but find his suspicions (among other things) aroused by the town's mysterious widow. But when he wins Honor's raffle for a valuable racehorse and arrives to collect, he soon discovers he wants a different kind of prize altogether. Honor doesn't want to sacrifice her heart, but Luke has the means to force her hand. After all, he holds the winning ticket.
Publisher Pocket Books
Language eng
Rating 3.8200000000000003
ISBN 0671025740
Total Pages 352
Published Year 2005
Published Month 1
Published Day 4
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