The Web of Wizardry

The Web of Wizardry
Name The Web of Wizardry
Author Juanita Coulson
Description They appeared from nowhere…an implacable horde that ravaged the lands of Krantin, slaying and taking their own death wounds in eerie silence.

The outer islands have fallen, and soon the sorcery-driven soldiers will be striking at Krantin’s heart. The only hope for survival lies in an alliance of Royal forces with the fiercely independent desert marauders, the Destre-Y — and with a perilous linkage of all of Krantin’s adepts of magic.

The young Troop-Leader Danaer, Destre-born but sworn to Royal service, is the key to the uneasy partnership of ages-old enemies. But his love for the enchantress Lira is now imperiling the final confrontation between the malignant enemy sorcerer and the protection of the web of wizardry…

Web of Wizardry is an enthralling fantasy tale combining feuding dynasties and political intrigue with weird and wondrous battles.
Publisher Del Rey
Language eng
Rating 3.5700000000000003
ISBN 0345273370
Total Pages 357
Published Year 1984
Published Month 12
Published Day 8
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