The Violins of Autumn

The Violins of Autumn
Name The Violins of Autumn
Author Margaret Pemberton
Description A stirring romance set in the dark days of World War Two Passionate Lisette de Valmy dedicates all her loyalty to the French Resistance as the Germans occupy her country ? but finds her feelings torn when her heart is captured by Major Dieter Meyer, a handsome soldier who dies in her arms. Convinced that she can love again, Lisette marries Greg Dering, an American officer, but her past will not release its hold on her, and she must live with a deception begun long ago amidst the devastation of battle. As her love for Greg deepens, Lisette can no longer bear to live with her guilt. Not until the heartache and anguish of deception threaten to ruin her son's life can Lisette finally confess the truth and thereby find the happiness so long denied.
Publisher Severn House Publishers
Language Not Available
Rating 3.29
ISBN 0727863622
Total Pages 374
Published Year 2006
Published Month 1
Published Day 7
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