The Trouble with Mary

The Trouble with Mary
Name The Trouble with Mary
Author Millie Criswell
Description Award-winning author Millie Criswell has charmed readers with her joy-filled historical romances. Now, in The Trouble With Mary,  she serves up her first contemporary romantic comedy--a palate-pleasing love story of two people with nothing in common . . . except their undeniable attraction.


She's unemployed. Her huge Italian family is driving her crazy. Her love life is nonexistent. In fact, she needs a life! So Mary decides to open a restaurant in Baltimore's Little Italy. And despite her mother's assurances that she will fail, the place is a big success--until the local paper delivers a scathing review of her pizza, pasta, and chocolate cannolis.

Food critic Dan Gallagher hates Italian food--and his column shows it. Now Mary would like nothing more than to serve Dan on a steaming platter. Problem is, Mary is the most delectable woman Dan has ever met. And Dan is the most exasperating man Mary has ever encountered. And the trouble with chemistry is, neither one can resist it. . . .
Publisher Ivy Books
Language Not Available
Rating 3.41
ISBN 0804119503
Total Pages 336
Published Year 2001
Published Month 2
Published Day 1
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