The Terrible Twos

The Terrible Twos
Name The Terrible Twos
Author Ishmael Reed
Description The Terrible Twos is a wickedly funny, sharp-edged fictional assault on all those sulky, spoiled naysayers needing instant gratification--Americans. Ishmael Reed's sixth novel depicts a zany, bizarre, and all-too-believable future where mankind's fate depends upon a jolly old gent named St. Nicholas and a Risto-rasta dwarf named Black Peter, who together wreak mischievous havoc on Wall Street and in the Oval Office. This offbeat, on-target social critique makes marvelous fun of everything that is American, from commercialism to Congress, Santa Claus to religious cults. [ product description]
Publisher Avon Books
Language eng
Rating 3.59
ISBN 0380649497
Total Pages 178
Published Year 1983
Published Month 1
Published Day 11
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