The Story of the Boeing Company

The Story of the Boeing Company
Name The Story of the Boeing Company
Author Bill Yenne
Description In the early years of the 20th century William Edward Boeing summed up his new company’s mission: "To let no new improvement in flying and flying equipment pass us by." And sure enough, in the century since, nothing and no one has outflown Boeing. The Story of the Boeing Company, plane-maker to the world, unfolds on a fittingly grand scale in this book that is at once the history of one company and the story of an industry. Aviation author Bill Yenne follows Boeing from its modest beginnings in 1916 as Pacific Aero Products, with a single two-seater floatplane, to its present lofty position as the largest aerospace company in the world. Lavishly illustrated, it showcases historic aircraft that made the company’s name—the B-17s and B-29s of World War II to the 707 jetliner that revolutionized commercial flight; and the mammoth 747 to the B-52 Superfortress that still soldiers on over 50 years after its debut. All the moves and mergers are chronicled. 2nd ed.
Publisher Zenith Press
Language Not Available
Rating 3.4
ISBN 076032333X
Total Pages 288
Published Year 2005
Published Month 17
Published Day 10
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