The Rhineman Exchange

The Rhineman Exchange
Name The Rhineman Exchange
Author Robert Ludlum
Description David Spaulding is the most feared and efficient Allied agent in wartime Europe. Expert, deadly and professional, he is also high on the Gestapo's 'most wanted' list. Now Spaulding has been selected by the Allied Command to transact an undercover deal in Argentina involving top secret Nazi scientific plans. The dealer is Erich Rhinemann, an exiled German Jew who is awaiting the end of the war with his millions in an impenetrable retreat near Buenos Aires. But there's something Spaulding doesn't know. The other side of the deal. And it involves the most bizarre, horrific intrigue of the Second World War ...
Publisher Dell
Language eng
Rating 3.91
ISBN 0440150795
Total Pages 446
Published Year 1975
Published Month 15
Published Day 7
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