The Path of the Dead

The Path of the Dead
Name The Path of the Dead
Author Caroline Benton
Description A middle of the night call to a burnt out house is pretty much routine for Devon Fire Brigade photographer Gus Tavender. But finding a charred body locked in a secret room is not, and from that moment, very little in Gus's life can be considered routine. The following day she meets with an old college friend who has come to Dartmoor to learn the truth about her aunt's death. The old lady fell into a quarry when out walking on Dartmoor a tragic accident say the police, but Judith has good reason to think otherwise. She enlists Gus's help and as the two women uncover more information, Gus begins to suspect a connection between her friend's aunt and the body in the burnt house.
Publisher Carroll & Graf
Language Not Available
Rating 3.33
ISBN 0786717335
Total Pages 224
Published Year 2006
Published Month 21
Published Day 3
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