The Managerial Revolution: What Is Happening in the World

The Managerial Revolution: What Is Happening in the World
Name The Managerial Revolution: What Is Happening in the World
Author James Burnham
Description Burnhamís claim was that capitalism was dead, but that it was being replaced not by socialism, but a new economic system he called 'managerialism' - rule by managers.

Written in 1941, this is the book that theorised how the world was moving into the hands of the 'managers'. Burnham explains how Capitalism had virtually lost its control, and would be displaced not by labour, nor by socialism, but by the rule of administartors in business and in government.

This revolution, he posited, is as broad as the world and as comprehensive as human society, asking 'Why is "totalitarianism" not the issue?' 'Can civilization be destroyed?' And 'Why is the New Deal something bigger than Roosevelt can handle?'

In a volume extraordinary for its dispassionate handling of those and other fundamental questions, James Burnham explores fully the implications of the managerial revolution.

Praise for James Burnham:

'Burnham has real intellectual courage, and writes about real issues.' - George Orwell

'The stoic, detached, empirical, hard-boiled, penetrating, realist mind of James Burnham is something to behold, to admire, to emulate.' - National Review

'James Burnham was an astonishing writer. Subtle, passionate, and irritatingly well-read.' - New Criterion

'The immense significance of Burnhamís approach is potential. We can ignore it only at the risk of being disarmed by the future course of events.' - Irving Kristol
Publisher Praeger
Language eng
Rating 3.7199999999999998
ISBN 0837156785
Total Pages 285
Published Year 1972
Published Month 24
Published Day 4
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