The Lost Temple of Java

The Lost Temple of Java
Name The Lost Temple of Java
Author Phil Grabsky
Description Uncover the many mysteries of the long-missing "eighth wonder of the world." Built by a now-forgotten civilization that flourished even as Europe languished in the Dark Ages, Borobudur in Central Java is the world's largest Buddhist temple, erected out of 1.6 million blocks of worked volcanic stone and containing three miles of relief carvings and 504 statues of Buddha. Yet, for 1,000 years it lay deserted, until Java's Lieutenant-Governor Sir Thomas Raffles decided to investigate rumors of a huge structure located deep in the jungle--and found this awe-inspiring edifice. Who built it? How was it constructed? And, why was it abandoned so soon after completion? A fascinating tale of what is now one of Asia's biggest tourist attractions.
Publisher Phoenix Illustrated
Language Not Available
Rating 3.5
ISBN 1841880582
Total Pages 144
Published Year 2000
Published Month 31
Published Day 12
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