The Lady Next Door

The Lady Next Door
Name The Lady Next Door
Author Elizabeth Neff Walker
Description The Unblushing Beauty

Miss Marianne Findlay's hair was red, but this spirited young lady refused to let her cheeks flush pink with shame when scandal painted her reputation scarlet. Instead she would make her own way in the wicked world, rather than humble herself in a marriage mart that marked her down as damaged goods. Therefore when the magnificent Earl of Latteridge took up residence in the mansion next to her modest dwelling, Marianne did her best to turn her back on this lord who easily turned so man woman's heads. But when the high and mighty Latteridge seemed eager to conquer her attention, Marianne showed perilous signs of succumbing to love...
Publisher Signet
Language Not Available
Rating 3.58
ISBN 0451175263
Total Pages 224
Published Year 1993
Published Month 1
Published Day 9
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