The Fine Art of Love (Mamma Lou MatchMaker, #6)

The Fine Art of Love (Mamma Lou MatchMaker, #6)
Name The Fine Art of Love (Mamma Lou MatchMaker, #6)
Author Celeste O. Norfleet
Description Beautiful art curator Kennedy Evans has reached the pinnacle of her career at the African Arts Museum - a dazzling Nubian art exhibit, the first of its kind in the U.S. The downside, however, is that some of the valuable artifacts in the exhibit have been stolen. FBI special agent Juwan Mason, who specializes in art thefts, is brought in to investigate, posing as the bodyguard to the African ambassador representing the country’s exhibit. The theft seems to be an inside job with all signs pointing to Kennedy. Juwan is hot on her trail. But the more he investigates, then more he falls for Kennedy. Could the woman who’s stolen his heart really be a thief?
Publisher Harlequin
Language Not Available
Rating 4.38
ISBN 1583146733
Total Pages 320
Published Year 2005
Published Month 1
Published Day 11
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