Streetwear: The Insider's Guide

Streetwear: The Insider
Name Streetwear: The Insider's Guide
Author Steven Vogel
Description The first definitive guide to clothes inspired by urban youth culture, written and produced by those involved in this fast-growing fashion force, Streetwear offers an insider's view of this subculture phenomenon-cum-industry. Hundreds of sketches, graphics, and photos present an encyclopedic overview of street style and fashion, while candid interviews bring together more than forty leading streetwear designers from around the world. Streetwear focuses not only on designers, but also on the magazines, Web publishers, and creative agencies that help drive these trends today. With its unique access and detailed reference section, Streetwear is the new bible for urban culture enthusiasts, documenting the appeal of a style that has exploded across the globe.
Publisher Chronicle Books
Language Not Available
Rating 3.47
ISBN 0811860361
Total Pages 352
Published Year 2007
Published Month 27
Published Day 9
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