Steps to Jesus

Steps to Jesus
Name Steps to Jesus
Author L.J. Sattgast
Description How do you lead your child to Christ?

With positive warmth and in a clear and simple "step-by-step" way. Steps to Jesus answers these important questions:

~ How old should my child be before I talk about salvation?

~ How do I lead my child to Christ?

Help your child begin to take his or her all-important first Steps to Jesus.

Learn how you can become a friend of Jesus and a child of God!

Do you know how very much Jesus loves you?

His love for you is bigger than any mountain and taller than the tallest tree! Because He loves you so much, Jesus did something wonderful especially for you. Look inside this book to find out what it is--and learn how TODAY you can choose to become a child of God FOREVER!
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Language Not Available
Rating 3.67
ISBN 1578561906
Total Pages 96
Published Year 2001
Published Month 24
Published Day 7
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