Stations of the Cross: I Am There

Stations of the Cross: I Am There
Name Stations of the Cross: I Am There
Author Norman Haskell
Description Each meditation is divided into two parts. In the first, you are witness to the action of the Station, while the second considers a possible reaction to your being there: you are the 'I' of the meditation. Reactions may come to you while meditating that are different than the ones presented. You should think about these instead, because your life experience, which is yours alone, will have triggered them.From the Introduction

Though suitable for individual or group use, these stations offer a deeply personal walk through the passion of Christ, an opportunity to be not just a witness, but a companion of Jesus through his sufferings. By seeing how even the smallest actions of our lives alleviate, or add to, the pain of the cross, we are inspired to carry our own crosses with humility, dignity and peace.
Publisher St. Anthony Messenger Press
Language Not Available
Rating 5.0
ISBN 0867165073
Total Pages 24
Published Year 2002
Published Month 31
Published Day 10
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