Saved In The City

Saved In The City
Name Saved In The City
Author Jacquelin Thomas
Description New York City’s elite Emerald Model Management is having an open call, and among the hopefuls are three beautiful young women with big dreams—and the faith that they’ll come true. But in a fast-paced town filled with temptation, is faith enough to keep them out of harm’s way? This exciting new novel from bestselling author Jacquelin Thomas tempts you to find out…

Twenty-one-year-old Patterson Haney has always dreamed of leaving her small Georgia town, moving to New York City, and becoming, a model. She’s been blessed with the looks and the spirit to succeed, and she knows that God will guide her every step in the competitive profession. But when she meets smooth-talking, gorgeous Miller Baisden, it’s her personal life that poses the greatest challenge, as Patterson is torn between the powerful attraction he awakens in her—and her desire to maintain her morals.

Pampered native New Yorker Macy Baldwin has taken a lot for granted, including her wealthy parents’ financial support—until they cut her off for flunking out of college. Pretty and fashionable, Macy decides to pursue modeling. If things don’t work out, she can always fall back on her plan of finding a rich husband. And when she discovers that a handsome, widowed fashion designer needs a nanny for his little girl, Macy is sure her erratic prayers have been answered. But when she finds herself actually working for a living, she realizes God works in mysterious ways…

Born with the striking features and statuesque height of a true Nubian Queen, social worker LaRue Arnette has often been mistaken for a model. But when she surprises her Baptist minister father and devout mother by quitting her job and leaving California to give it a try, she can’t help but wonder: is she fleeing from her true calling? A certain tender-hearted Reverened may be the one to lead her to the answer that’s always been in her heart.

As these three brave women make fast friends, they find themselves struggling to merge their vastly different personalities into one harmonious—affordable—living arrangement. At least they have one thing in common—they’re each ready to take on new challenges. But are they ready to accept His will for their lives?
Publisher Harlequin Kimani New Spirit
Language Not Available
Rating 4.19
ISBN 1583144447
Total Pages 336
Published Year 2005
Published Month 26
Published Day 4
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