S Club 7

S Club 7
Name S Club 7
Author Anna Louise Golden

S Club 7 is a group of seven cheeky guys and gals who like to have fun wherever they go. They're also a hot new band with their own cool TV show. Now author Anna Louise Golden gives you the real story on Bradley, Hannah, Jon, Jo, Paul, Rachel, and Tina, as she reveals all the fab facts about the magnificent seven! Find out:

* Who is always late...
* Who's the most health-conscious...
* Who's a shopaholic...
* Who has four tattoos and a pierced belly-button...
* Who's the biggest party animal...
* Who's the messiest of the group...
* Who has way too many shoes...

Well, you'll have to read the book to get the answers-and you'll also discover: what they do on their down time, if they hang together when they're not working, who they fancy, what their futures hold, and much more!
Publisher St. Martin's Paperbacks
Language Not Available
Rating 2.67
ISBN 0312976542
Total Pages 135
Published Year 2000
Published Month 15
Published Day 9
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