Russian Silversmiths' Hallmarks: 1700 to 1917

Russian Silversmiths
Name Russian Silversmiths' Hallmarks: 1700 to 1917
Author Geoffrey Watts
Description With the fall of the Communist Regime and the freeing of travel restrictions to Russia, plus the growing wealth of many more of the Russian people, there has been an exceptional growth in interest of Russian silver throughout the world. Consquently, it has become very collectable and has been fetching high prices at the sales.
The author has worked on this project for many years and his efforts have provided a unique book of marks and insight into the Masters who produced this silver in Russia. Packed with useful information, plus a list of the major Silversmiths and their marks, it covers a Glossary of terms, Artels, Cyrillic alphabet, Assay Office marks by symbol and by town, marks in Cyrillic and Latin scripts and much more.
This is the only English language book on the subject in print that we know of, and as such, will be an asset for all collectors.
Publisher Gemini
Language Not Available
Rating 4.0
ISBN 0953063771
Total Pages 256
Published Year 2006
Published Month 15
Published Day 11
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