Rogue Fever (Loveswept, No 755)

Rogue Fever (Loveswept, No 755)
Name Rogue Fever (Loveswept, No 755)
Author Jan Hudson
Description SHE COULDN'T HELP ASKING FOR HIS BRAND OF TROUBLE... Long legs in dusty jeans, eyes shaded by a cowboy hat, Ben Favor looked every inch a scoundrel -- and Savanna Smith felt his smile as a kiss of fire on her skin! She'd come to the sleepy Mexican town to trace a con man, but her search kept getting sidetracked by a mesmerizing devil who made her burn. Once his wild angel spread her wings, would she return to share his dream?

Any man would walk through fire for Savanna, but would Ben battle charging bulls and bad guys just to call the teasing temptress his?
Publisher Loveswept
Language Not Available
Rating 3.74
ISBN 0553444360
Total Pages 228
Published Year 1995
Published Month 1
Published Day 8
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