Reflections on Grief and Spiritual Growth

Reflections on Grief and Spiritual Growth
Name Reflections on Grief and Spiritual Growth
Author Andrew J. Weaver
Description Reflections on Grief and Spiritual Growth includes eighteen reflections by Protestant and Catholic writers, creative voices in the Christian community, who reflect on their experiences with grief and loss as a part of their faith journey. Each writer considers such questions as:

What lessons and wisdom can be shared from his or her personal experiences with grief?
In what ways did these losses shape their lives and spiritual journeys?
What counsel does our Christian heritage offer us as we grieve the loss of a parent, spouse, child, marriage, job or health?
How has mourning a loss diminished or deepened one's faith?
Have spiritual resources been helpful in addressing the anger, guilt and depression that is often a part of the grieving process?
Has faith been an asset or not as one faces the increasing and cumulative losses of growing older?
Have persons experienced spiritual growth or transformation from traumatic losses? An included study guide helps individuals and groups grapple with the reality of grief and loss in the context of their Christian faith so that we may better learn to grieve as those who have hope.
Publisher Abingdon Press
Language eng
Rating 4.67
ISBN 0687065089
Total Pages 183
Published Year 2005
Published Month 1
Published Day 2
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