Name Pretenses
Author Keith Lee Johnson
Description In the prologue of Pretenses, readers learn that an affluent Supreme Court nominee and her husband have been murdered several days before her confirmation hearing. They next day, another high-ranking member of Washington's elite circle is killed - and soon government officials are being picked off one by one.
The FBI is clueless. Who is doing the killing? And, more importantly, why? Enter Phoenix Perry: a tough, smart, and savvy FBI Agent known to hold her own against even the most lethal of criminals. Phoenix is supposed to be working on a serial rapist case, but is hand-picked by the President to find the identity of the assassin. Soon Phoenix finds that the two cases may be related - and that the culprit knows her every move.
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Language eng
Rating 4.43
ISBN 0743296133
Total Pages 368
Published Year 2006
Published Month 1
Published Day 10
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