Pregnant: Nudes By Ralf Mohr

Pregnant: Nudes By Ralf Mohr
Name Pregnant: Nudes By Ralf Mohr
Author Ralf Mohr
Description The women in this book present the results of their fertility before the camera with enthusiasm and in all openness. They are completely 'normal' women, not models, or beautiful bodies specially chosen by the photographer. Single mothers, women with partners (whether married or not), students involved in long-distance relationships, large women, small women, happy and less happy ones -- they all experienced their term of pregnancy in highly individual ways. But they all had one thing in common: with virtually no exception, each was proud of the shape of her rapidly growing abdomen. Ralf Mohr's photographs prove the point: silky, smooth skin over full breasts, the laden belly, the ample bottom -- is this not the epitome of femininity?
Publisher Edition Reuss
Language ita
Rating 3.0
ISBN 3980501752
Total Pages 96
Published Year 1998
Published Month 1
Published Day 8
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