Potentially Yours

Potentially Yours
Name Potentially Yours
Author Franklin White
Description Middle-class life meets hip-hop culture in Franklin White's compelling story of a woman on a mission to change her life -- and the price she must pay for her success. Synthia Gage lives a very hectic life. While running a household and parenting a teenage daughter, she is also one of New York City's top literary agents -- promoting the work of celebrity authors and bringing in millions of dollars. Although her career is at the height of success, by Synthia's own standards her life is at a standstill: the live-in agreement with her ex-husband has expired, her daughter is preparing for college, and her best friend's never-ending problems are more than she can handle. Ready to shake up her life and reach her full potential, Synthia agrees to represent hip-hop's notorious female rapper Lil' Shae -- despite the star's raunchy lyrics and lewd dress code. But when Synthia's daughter idolizes and befriends Lil' Shae, Synthia discovers her new life is far from what she hoped it would be.
Publisher Strebor Books
Language Not Available
Rating 3.5
ISBN 1593090277
Total Pages 304
Published Year 2004
Published Month 29
Published Day 6
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