Peace Be Still

Peace Be Still
Name Peace Be Still
Author Colette Haywood
Description Meet Bea, a humorous woman in her golden years, she has weathered both rape and spousal abuse and now finds herself in a legal struggle with a con man. With health problems mounting Bea is at the point of desperation. In steps Rachael a young wife and mother of three who moves in with her mother in law while her husband is away pursuing his life is dream. Rachael has difficulties establishing a relationship with her mother in law a woman who has been there, done that, and doesn't mind telling other's how. Add to the mix Rachael's growing uneasiness with her absentee husband and trouble brews. Through friendship the two women explore the terrain of familial struggles, faith, children and love with both humor and poignancy. A captivating first novel steeped in the tradition of the great southern storytellers, Colette weaves past and present, humor and tragedy, to tell the tale of an unlikely friendship that occurs between two women as they search to tame their demons. Peace Be Still takes us on a journey filled with colorful prose asking the questions most of us are afraid of. Colette is a woman who has a lot to say and wants everyone to hear it. Her thought provoking style seizes your attention and sets your mind free to explore intriguing characters bringing to life the extraordinary through the mundane. Hers is a voice worth recognizing.
Publisher Genesis Press
Language Not Available
Rating 4.43
ISBN 1585711292
Total Pages 339
Published Year 2005
Published Month 23
Published Day 2
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