Name Pandaemonium
Author Leslie Epstein
Description is the definitive novel of Hollywood in its most glamorous era, a work that examines the very roots of film itself, and their hold upon the dark, underground forces of instinct and imagination. Narrated by the ever-wise, yet sexually tormented Peter Lorre, this book assembles a huge cast of Hollywood types - moguls, agents, directors, stars and starlets, writers, gossip columnists and mere hangers-on - who converge on Pandaemonium, a Nevada ghost town, on the eve of World War II. There, they all fall under the spell of a great European film director named Rudolph Von Beckmann, whose secret plan is to turn a routine B western into an extraordinary film of, and so warn the world of the dictator who would destroy it. But in the heat of the desert and his own fevered imaginings, it is Von Beckmann who becomes the tyrant and - in an atmosphere that is part Armageddon, part Gotterdammerung - it is his world that is destroyed.
Publisher St. Martin's Press
Language Not Available
Rating 3.23
ISBN 0312156227
Total Pages 398
Published Year 1997
Published Month 1
Published Day 5
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