Oxford Reading Tree

Oxford Reading Tree
Name Oxford Reading Tree
Author Anna Perera
Description Pack G offers a further six Treetops titles in Oxford Reading Tree's series of fiction with built-in progression for pupils aged 7-11. The books are specially written for children who need the support of carefully-monitored language levels, and the stories are accessible, motivating and humorous. The series is organized into Oxford Reading Tree Stages (from Stage 10 to Stage 16), with each stage introducing more complex narrative forms, including flashbacks and changes in viewpoint; descriptive writing; extended reading vocabulary; and more pages, more text, and fewer illustrations. The books are suitable for both guided reading group work and independent reading.
Publisher Not Avail
Language Not Available
Rating 4.59
ISBN 0199193800
Total Pages 96
Published Year 2001
Published Month 22
Published Day 2
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