More Gems For The Journey

More Gems For The Journey
Name More Gems For The Journey
Author Vikki Johnson
Description Ordained elder and radio personality Vikki Johnson has delivered another collection of spiritually enriching and heartwarming gems. A seasoned motivational speaker and guest lecturer, she has pulled from her own experiences on her journey through life and delivers an abundance of captivating and life-affirming messages of healing wisdom. These inspirational nuggets of advice are broken into two categories — gems that cater to your soul and spirit and they will indeed add comfort and delight to — your daily meditations. The spirit-filled reflections are designed to inspire, uplift and encourage you to seek out and enjoy your best life. Vikki Johnson masterfully touches upon a number of subjects and will add clarity to your physical, mental and emotional health. No matter what turmoil you may be experiencing, the precious jewels in this faith-based book will provide you with a greater sense of self-awareness and personal strength.

As you read through and reflect on these positive messages, you may be motivated to take notes about your own experiences. On each page, there is a special section provided for you to write your own "Journey Notes." You will find peace, hope and courage in these pearls of wisdom, and will feel encouraged to lead a more fulfilled life.

Vikki Johnson is an ordained elder, as well as a manager of public affairs and special events at a major entertainment company. She is also an entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and radio personality on Heaven 1580 AM in Washington, D.C. She is a graduate of Howard University, and pastor of women at Kingdom Worship Center in Towson, Maryland. Her commitment to sisterhood is evident in her affiliations with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, NABFEME (National Association of Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment) and the Sista Girl Network. For more information, please visit her web site at
Publisher Kimani Press
Language Not Available
Rating 2.0
ISBN 1583146687
Total Pages 224
Published Year 2006
Published Month 18
Published Day 7
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