Monastery: Prayer, Work, Community

Monastery: Prayer, Work, Community
Name Monastery: Prayer, Work, Community
Author M. Basil Pennington
Description In the tradition of Saint Francis of Assisi and Mother of God, this lavish, full-color book combines revealing text, exquisite reproductions of traditional art, and striking contemporary photographs in an unparalleled glimpse behind monastic walls. Monastery provides an informative, fascinating account of the ancient roots of the monastic way of life; its flowering during the Middle Ages, when the principles and elements of spirituality scattered through the works of the Church Fathers were gathered together by the first great founders; and a compelling look at the continuing traditions and realities of cloistered life today.

M. Basil Pennington, a monk of the Cistercian order (popularly known as the Trappists), explores the monastery's physical environment and the guiding principles of prayer, worship, contemplation, work, and community life. He discusses the spirituality of the Western monastic tradition as it grew from St. Benedict of Nursia, came to full maturity with the Cistercian Fathers in the twelfth century, and was revitalized in subsequent reforms.

Nicholas Sapieha's rare photographs from monasteries throughout the world show the diversity and validity of this often hidden way of life. His evocative images of monastic life today are matched with depictions of centuries-old monastic activities in splendid reproductions from the famed Scala archives in Florence. Together with Father Basil's sensitive text, this striking visual dimension conveys the continuity of the contemplative ideal through the centuries.

Monastery does not stop with mere surface appreciation of ancient and modern monasteries throughout the world: author and photographer deeply explore the experience of life in these communities.

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Publisher Scala: HarperCollins Publishers
Language Not Available
Rating 4.0
ISBN 0060664959
Total Pages 127
Published Year 1983
Published Month 1
Published Day 1
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