Miles Beyond: Miles Davis, 1967-1991

Miles Beyond: Miles Davis, 1967-1991
Name Miles Beyond: Miles Davis, 1967-1991
Author Paul Tingen
Description When musical genius Miles Davis experimented with rock and African music in the late '60s, he alienated many of his fans. However, his electric explorations endured-and their impact on the music world is still being felt today. Based on new information, as well as exclusive, firsthand recollections by over 50 musicians, partners, producers, and artists, Miles Beyond offers hundreds of never-before-revealed facts, insights, and revelations about this remarkable artist. Readers will discover new insights on Davis' working methods, as well as chronological analysis of the music produced from 1967 to 1991-a period that has been both neglected and misunderstood.
Publisher Billboard Books/Watson-Guptill Publications/BPI Communications, Inc.
Language Not Available
Rating 4.16
ISBN 0823083462
Total Pages 352
Published Year 2001
Published Month 1
Published Day 5
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