Metamorphosis (Literary Companion Series)

Metamorphosis (Literary Companion Series)
Name Metamorphosis (Literary Companion Series)
Author Hayley Mitchell Haugen
Description Readings on "The Metamorphosis" offers varying critical perspectives on famed German writer Franz Kafka's haunting novella, "The Metamorphosis," in which Gregor Samsa awakens one morning to discover he has changed into an insect. Noted Kafka critics Robert Gray, Walter H. Sokel, Max Brod (Kafka's, confidant and biographer), and many other scholars contribute to this unique collection by presenting critical interpretations of the work, discussing the art and technical elements of the novella, exploring the psychology of the characters, and delving into the recurring themes throughout the piece.
Publisher Greenhaven Press
Language eng
Rating 4.0
ISBN 073770439X
Total Pages 160
Published Year 2001
Published Month 20
Published Day 11
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