Mary Gilliatt's New Guide to Decorating

Mary Gilliatt
Name Mary Gilliatt's New Guide to Decorating
Author Mary Gilliatt
Description For advice on every aspect of the decorating process and an abundance of fabulous color photographs so clear that you'll think you're in the room, this is the one book you must have. Mary Gilliatt is a world-famous expert who knows how to translate wishes into great-looking rooms that live up to grand expectations. Start with the planning stage, including how to assess your house, draw up plans, prepare budgets, and work with contractors. Choose a style that appeals to you, from Country and Minimal to Eclectic and Traditional. Pick up information on lighting, furnishings, and accessories, supplemented with "before" and "after" drawings that show the logical sequence of events in four rooms. Then master exciting techniques, like rag-rolling a wall, tiling a bathroom, painting woodwork, sanding floors, laying a carpet, and more. Gilliatt offers a manageable approach to decorating that anyone can use successfully.
"...refreshingly down-to-earth advice."--Good Housekeeping.
Publisher Conran
Language Not Available
Rating 3.4
ISBN 185029979X
Total Pages 256
Published Year 2001
Published Month 30
Published Day 6
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