Many Splendoured Thing

Many Splendoured Thing
Name Many Splendoured Thing
Author Margaret Pemberton
Description What is holding together this peculiar band of pioneers? Polly Kirkham is an orphan who was brought up by the Mormons. Now, in the bitter winter of 1846, she is part of their small band of pioneers struggling westward to the Rocky Mountains. It is here that they meet Major Dart Richards of the US Cavalry. The Major intrigues her - he's a misfit like Polly, who has never been able to accept the Mormon faith. But Dart has vowed never again to become involved with a woman. So why, instead of enjoying the pleasures of St Louis, does he find himself shepherding a small company of women, children, oxen, goats and hens across the icy wastes in pursuit of an ideal?
Publisher Severn House Publishers
Language Not Available
Rating 3.33
ISBN 0727859498
Total Pages 224
Published Year 2003
Published Month 1
Published Day 4
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