Locust Pocus: Poems to Bug You

Locust Pocus: Poems to Bug You
Name Locust Pocus: Poems to Bug You
Author Douglas Kaine McKelvey
Description Roaches roaming in your cereal bowl? Yum! How about spiders spinning webs around you while you sleep? Or lice building houses in your hair? Sound like fun? It is with these bugs! Bug lovers everywhere will delight in this wonderfully creepy-crawly collection of poetry. Douglas McKelvey's fun, catchy rhymes paired with Caldecott-medalist Richard Egielski's humorous paintings make Locust Pocus an insect extravaganza for any entomology enthusiast. Parents may want to wash their hands after reading this book, but their kids will love it!
Publisher Philomel
Language Not Available
Rating 3.06
ISBN 0399234527
Total Pages 32
Published Year 2001
Published Month 4
Published Day 6
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