Little Darlings

Little Darlings
Name Little Darlings
Author Sonia Pilcer
Description Girls can do a lot of growing up in a summer, and that is precisely what the young ladies of Camp Little Wolf plan to do. In addition to swimming, boating, and arts and crafts, the campers have arranged a private contest: who among them will be the first to lose her virginity.

Among the contestants are Ferris Whitney, smug, rich and more that a little bit spoiled, and Angel Bright, the camp's scholarship winner, proud, tough, and defensiveabout her poverty. The two become opponents in a funny and touching fight for sexual sophistication, goaded on both by passion and peer pressure.

But on the way to womanhood, each is to learn a few important lessons - about friendship, personal responsibility, and love. Each will indeed go all the way - from child to adult.
Publisher Ballantine Books
Language Not Available
Rating 3.5700000000000003
ISBN 0345288947
Total Pages 188
Published Year 1980
Published Month 12
Published Day 4
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