Licensed to Sin (Loveswept)

Licensed to Sin (Loveswept)
Name Licensed to Sin (Loveswept)
Author Faye Hughes
Description In a voice so sensual it made her toes curl, Nick Valdez invited her to confess her secret and Jane Steele feared her cover had been blown! When the handsome gambler suggested they join forces to investigate rigged games at the riverboat casino, she agreed to his scheme...but sharing close quarters meant stolen kisses that threatened to consume them both. Would wagering their hearts on love win the day? In a steamy blend of reckless romance and fast-paced adventure, Faye Hughes reveals the tantalizing pleasures of playing a dangerous game and betting it all on one sizzling roll of the dice! He'd challenged her to run a little wild, shown her the heat that flirting with fire could arouse, but could she finally trust him with the truth?
Publisher Loveswept
Language Not Available
Rating 3.67
ISBN 0553445286
Total Pages 213
Published Year 1996
Published Month 1
Published Day 8
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