Kittens in the Sun

Kittens in the Sun
Name Kittens in the Sun
Author Hans W. Silvester
Description Now in paperback, Kittens in the Sun is full of "enchanting full-color images that capture the essence of everything feline" (Cat Fancy). Once again, photographer Hans Silvester offers us a transporting look at the feisty four-pawed critters of the Greek Isles and their whitewashed paradise. Silvester is never more at home than when training his camera on feline bliss Mediterranean style, and here it just gets better as he narrows his focus to the smaller and fuzzier members of the family. Atlantic Monthly has described his work as "the finest pictures ever taken of cats."
Publisher Chronicle Books
Language Not Available
Rating 4.46
ISBN 0811839052
Total Pages 192
Published Year 2003
Published Month 1
Published Day 2
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