Joan of Arc: God's Warrior: A Seven-day Retreat

Joan of Arc: God
Name Joan of Arc: God's Warrior: A Seven-day Retreat
Author Barbara Beckwith
Description Joan of Arc continues to fascinate us. She is a bundle of contradictions: simple yet sublimeFrom the Introduction If we think of saints as quiet, contemplative types who seek to retire from the world, Joan of Arc shatters our misconceptions. A woman undeterred by criticisms of her youth, her sex and her sanity, she single-handedly changed the course of Western history. She is an inspiration to those who struggle to find, and follow, the will of God in the world. Let Joan of Arc provide inspiration for your next armchair retreat or small group discussion.
Publisher St. Anthony Messenger Press
Language Not Available
Rating 3.4
ISBN 0867165707
Total Pages 93
Published Year 2007
Published Month 31
Published Day 7
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