Jack Fish

Jack Fish
Name Jack Fish
Author J. Milligan
Description “A comedic noir [that] brims throughout with hyperspecific detail and hipster patois. . . . I was, uh, fairly hooked.”—Henry Alford, The New York Times Book Review

“Zany, bouncy, endlessly droll. . . . Through the eyes of a true foreigner New York seems more grimy, eccentric, and alive than ever.”—Publishers Weekly

“Greatly entertaining.”—San Francisco Chronicle

“A pure pleasure.”—Booklist

“A breezy romp through downtown’s metrosexual underbelly.”—The Village Voice

“A wild ride through a groovy new novelist’s imagination.”—James Ellroy

“An astonishing literary debut. . . . No doubt about it, Jack Fish will blow you out of the water.”—Eric Garcia

“Hard-boiled yet comedic, realistic yet absurd—Jack Fish is a noir story told in technicolor. It also puts in time as a real love letter to New York City. J Milligan is a great new writer, and this is a great new book.”—Jonathan Ames

Somewhere off Coney Island, paddling through the seaweed and Styrofoam, is secret agent Jack Fish. As an operative of the Elders of Atlantis, he is to locate their enemy and spear him.

Staggering out of the water, Jack begins his odyssey into the strange city of New York. He’s concerned about adjusting, but he discovers the Topworld is teeming with air-breathers who seem as alien as he feels. (“You’re from Atlanta?”) If he can make it here, he can make it anywhere.

Jack Fish is just another dude from out of town, hanging out at the Mermaid Diner, scratching the webbing between his toes.

From the Trade Paperback edition.
Publisher Soho Press
Language Not Available
Rating 3.23
ISBN 156947382X
Total Pages 217
Published Year 2005
Published Month 30
Published Day 1
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