Name Incapacity
Author Jeanne Heuving
Description Poetry. Jeanne Heuving is a writer and critic whose cross genre work seeks to engage oblique aspects of existence and to alter conventional understanding. An exploration of being and sex, excitement and inscription, INCAPACITY engages a terrain where lush and exacting scenes fall into dereliction and disrepair. "Engaging the potential of post-patriarchal narrative and subjectivity, yet inside women's dilemmas in our time, Jeanne Heuving writes a saturated, paradoxical, pensive, and intense book on transformative seismic events and on misty envelopments that link inside and out like moebius loop"--Rachel Blau Duplessis.
Publisher Chiasmus Press
Language Not Available
Rating 4.67
ISBN 0970321228
Total Pages 92
Published Year 2004
Published Month 1
Published Day 1
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